Upgrades 2022

There have been a few upgrades to the boat this year too, ready for the season. I has had a wish for several years to change the backstay from one single stay that could not be adjusted under sail, to…

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Leaks around the propeller shaft

I seem to be spending more time on maintenance and repairs than sailing, at least for the past two to three years. But it’s an old boat, and I like to keep her in good shape. March 2021, it was…

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Changing to tiller steering

One of the discussions that sometimes comes up on sailing fora, is wheel or tiller steering. Of course, it depends on the boat and the user, and there are pros and cons with both. Our first boat, a 30 ft…

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Teak deck renovation and other maintenace jobs

For those who might be interested, here are some details of boat maintenance and teak deck renovation on a Swedish sailboat from the eighties, more particularly a Vindø 995 🙂 I had for a long time considered doing something about…

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New engine

I have decided to replace the old Volvo with a new engine. The Volvo has done good service since the boat was new. Last summer it took the boat up and down the West Coast, running for 100+ hours (there was…

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Velcome to my blog

Hi, I am Eilef. In this blog I want to share some stories and impressions from sailing and hiking on the west coast of Norway, and beyond. I live close to Stavanger, on a little island in the Ryfylke basin. You can find my stories in the menu above.

My aim with this blog is to share the beauty of the landscapes in western Norway, from the most remote islands out where the open ocean is the closest neighbour, to the deep fjords where the mountains rise up to the sky. People have lived here for around nine thousand years, setting their marks on landscapes and communities. I also hope to show some of the history and contemporary life along the coast.

My roots are in islands, fjords and mountains. Through my father’s line, I can go back eight generations on the same hill, close to the medieval church at Talgje, where I grew up. If I follow my father’s mother’s line, I find my roots in the narrow fjord near Sand, in the northeast parts of Ryfylke. And through my mother’s lineage, I can go back to the deep fjords and high mountains in Hardanger and to Masfjorden north of Bergen, just south of the outer parts of Sognefjorden.

Islands close to home
The Folgefonna glacier in Hardanger
View of Ryfylke
The 12th century church at Talgje, my church.
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