Building the half hull Aasta

This is the history of a half hull, going back to the 1870s.

Aasta, 2022

In the 1870s, three brothers of my great grand father worked as ship wrights in Sand, Ryfylke, south west Norway. The yard developed with the demand for shipping and built quite large ships, until a fire devastated the whole enterprise in 1879. It is said that a new ship was ready to be launched, and the yard owner had discontinued the insurance policy just before the fire. That meant an end to ship building at Sand. The three brothers all left for USA in the early 80s. However, in the barn at the farm where I grew up, there were two half hulls which the brothers had left there before they emigrated. Obviously, they had escaped the fire. Why they ended up in my great grand uncles’ possesion, we don’t know. May be one of them was a foreman of some sort.

Having suffered damp conditions in the rather open barn, one of them, and which I have used as a model, has been severly affected by worms.

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