A late summer cruise with a tall ship, and a stowaway

It was an old dream. When I was 13 or 14, a neighbour at my father’s age, told me that when he was a young boy he sailed as a trainee on a tall ship, the barque Statsraad Lehmkuhl. At the time, my father and I were building a model of a barque, after plans…

Around Karmøy July 2020

July 20 to 25 we sailed around Karmøy, with stops in Kopervik, Utsira and Kvitsøy. The weather was very good, with nice sailing from Karmøy, to Utsira, Kvitsøy and back home. These little communities are very fascinating. Here people have found a living for thousands of years. At Utsira there are remnants of houses from…

Hardangervidda 2019 (norsk tekst)

Me var fire karar som la i veg på ein firedagars tur over Hardangervidda i månadsskiftet juli-august i år, Jostein, Helge, Steinar og eg. Turen gjekk frå Dyranut på nordvidda til Mogen i aust, innom Stigstuv, Rauhelleren og Lågaros. Vêret var grått og vått dei to fyrste dagane, men vart veldig fint dei to siste.…

2018 Sailing in the North

This is a blog post from our sailing trip June – July 2018. We sailed from Brønnøysund to Bodø, via Lofoten, and then back home to Rogaland. Read from the bottom and up. July 20 to 27 Sailing home + Tall Ships Vegard Moen, colleague from the University of Stavanger, was supposed to come to…


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Velcome to my blog

Hi, I am Eilef. In this blog I want to share some stories and impressions from sailing and hiking on the west coast of Norway, and beyond. I live close to Stavanger, on a little island in the Ryfylke basin. You can find my stories in the menu above.

My aim with this blog is to share the beauty of the landscapes in western Norway, from the most remote islands out where the open ocean is the closest neighbour, to the deep fjords where the mountains rise up to the sky. People have lived here for around nine thousand years, setting their marks on landscapes and communities. I also hope to show some of the history and contemporary life along the coast.

My roots are in islands, fjords and mountains. Through my father’s line, I can go back eight generations on the same hill, close to the medieval church at Talgje, where I grew up. If I follow my father’s mother’s line, I find my roots in the narrow fjord near Sand, in the northeast parts of Ryfylke. And through my mother’s lineage, I can go back to the deep fjords and high mountains in Hardanger and to Masfjorden north of Bergen, just south of the outer parts of Sognefjorden.

Islands close to home
The Folgefonna glacier in Hardanger
View of Ryfylke
The 12th century church at Talgje, my church.
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