Tag: Norwegian West Coast

  • Coming to Røvær – from nature to culture

    The only way to get to Røvær is by sea, being an island of course. As you approach it seems to be just wild rocks washed by the surf, and you wonder where you can find an inlet. But the map shows there are three. The islands are described in two categories – nature space […]

  • Idyll at Røvær

    View over Suggevågen at Røvær Sunday morning. The old sail vessel used to be the pilot boat here. She is now owned by a foundation and being used for teaching purposes at school camps. Last year she sailed to Shetland and back, but because of lack of winds they had to use the old two […]

  • Røvær

    Saturday afternoon at Røvær. A stiff breeze from the north-west makes it chilly, but the sun helps 🙂 Røvær is a small community with about 85 people. There is good communication to Haugesund with a passenger boat. A new nursery school is being built and there is primary school up to class 10, with 14 […]

  • Sailing the west coast

    The first real sailing this year. Am now at Røvær, a little island community west of Haugesund. Came here yesterday after leaving home on Thursday. Passing Bokn, we suddenly saw water over the floor boards! Something must obviously be very wrong, but what? Dag, my companion for the first part of the trip, was able […]

  • Det avgrensa og det grenselause

    Å koma frå ei veldig lita øy og besøkja ei av dei største øyane i verda fører tankane til konseptet øy og til noko Alfred Hauge seier i romanen Perlemorstrand: Den som elskar ei øy her i verda, elskar det avgrensa og det grenselause. Det er forfattaren sjølv som seier dette i boka, og ikkje […]