Sailing the west coast

The first real sailing this year. Am now at Røvær, a little island community west of Haugesund. Came here yesterday after leaving home on Thursday. Passing Bokn, we suddenly saw water over the floor boards! Something must obviously be very wrong, but what? Dag, my companion for the first part of the trip, was able to keep the water down by manually pumping, while I looked for the cause of the problem. Looking into the engine compartment I saw water splashing from the heat exchanger, and found a loose pipe. By then there was a nice breeze from the south, and after having set the genoa we could switch off the engine, close the sea water intake and continue by sail in the planned direction. But sooner or later we would need assistance to get into a harbour. The rescue boat from Redningsselskapet was only a call away, and soon came to tow us into Husøy where there is a marina service. Friday morning was spent fixing the leak and by noon we were on our way again. Stopping in Haugesund for a couple of hours, we continued west and set both sails just out of town. Sailing to Røvær was beautiful in a good breeze from the south, 10 m/s. We reached Røvær around 4 p.m.


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