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  • Tall Ships Festival

    Some pics from Tall Ships, Bergen. Wyvern of Stavanger, Statsraad Lehmkuhl of Bergen. wy vern

  • Thursday 24. July – Bulandet to Solund

    Also Bulandet was covered in fog as we woke up, and it did not clear until late afternoon. We left at six. There was a light breeze from NNW, so we could sail to Færøy. There the wind died and we motored across to the outer sound at Solund. Tried to anchor in a bay…

  • Wednesday – Florø to Bulandet

    Morning in Florø was foggy, but it cleared quickly. We sailed out to Kinn and entered the sound between Kinn and Rognaldsvåg but did not go ashore as we wanted to reach Bulandet the same day. The wind was good for a few hours but died down early afternoon. Alder was half hidden in fog…

  • Måløy to Florø

    We had sightseeing around Måløy on Monday: Kannesteinen, a rock looking like Alladin’s lamp, view of Stadt from Kråkenes light house. Today passing under Hornelen. Måløy to Florø, 7 hours, mostly by engine, but sailed for a little while. Moored in Florø for the night.

  • The monastery at Selja

    The monastery was established in the 12th century, at a place which was believed to be the landing place of a young woman and her people who came from Ireland. According to the legend, the woman, Sunniva, fled a suitor whom she did not want to marry. Without sail or ores, they put their faith…

  • Selje

    Arrived at Selje after a beatiful five hours by the passenger boat from Bergen. Much along the same route as we will follow on our way back. To the right, high mountains, to the left, islands and the open sea. Almost too calm. Hoping for some wind next week. But for now, this is just…

  • Sailing the west coast

    This summer we will sail the west coast of Norway. The plan is to reach Selje. Ruben, Benjamin and Ross started out Tuesday July 1. I followed them to Haugesund, then went back home. On July 20, Ellen and I will take over the boat and sail home from Selje, hoping to stop at some…

  • From sea to mountain

    Monday June 9. Started out around 9 a.m. Had breakfast in the boat. Went to Fister, where we walked up to the communication mast 500 m above the sea. Fantastic view over the islands of Ryfylke, an eldorado for boating. Passed through the sound of Rossøy on our way back home.

  • Getting ready for the west coast

    Hauled her up this weekend (June 6-7). Antifouled and polished. Now she is ready for sailing the west coast in July.

  • Homeward bound

    It has been good to be here again, and to meet people I have met several times before over the last two years. Still, there is a sense of relief in knowing that I now can think about coming home and the familiar life with my own people. A side benefit with doing things like…