Thursday 24. July – Bulandet to Solund

Also Bulandet was covered in fog as we woke up, and it did not clear until late afternoon. We left at six. There was a light breeze from NNW, so we could sail to Færøy. There the wind died and we motored across to the outer sound at Solund. Tried to anchor in a bay but the bottom was just rocks so the anchor did not hold. We then continued south, around Tungodden and back towards Hardbakke, stopping in a bay just south of the bridge, which is marked at 15 m on the map. Our mast being 15 m too, we thought it too close to pass under, although the boat had passed there on the way north. We moored at an old pier, and a man who lived just close and turned out to be the owner of the place came down to greet us. We were welcomed to stay. The time was around eleven when we finally were settled in.




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