2017 season

Sunday June 5

A short sail in light winds just around the island. I am so happy with the new sails. With the right trim upwind, she just stays on course on her own. I don’t need to touch the wheel for a long time.

And the other tack:

Karmøy and Kvitsøy, May 25 – 28

(Read from bottom up)

Kvitsøy! Hundreds of islands. Sheep. Landscape. History. Say no more!

Sailing from Skudeneshavn to Kvitsøy Friday afternoon was a dream!

Skudeneshavn is a beautiful little town, with old houses from the last part of the 19th century. We were lucky to be shown around by old school friends who live there and seemed to know most of the people. And best of all, our own grandson, and his mother, came on board while we were in harbour!

We started from home with noen Windows but fog, Thursday the 25, for a few days in the outer parts of Boknafjorden. After a couple of hours a nice NW breeze picked up and we could sail the remaining part to Skudeneshavn.

A few days in town, April 24-26

We stayed in town (Stavanger) for a few dayswhile I worked long days to finish an application for project funding. Tuesday morning I woke up to five degrees C in the cabin and snow and ice on deck. Beautiful morning though, too nice to be inside all day! I got electricity on board so next morning was a bit warmer. The old diesel heater is ok but I don’t want to run it at night.

Wednesday we sailed home in a good NW breeze, with one reef in the main and three quarters of the genoa rolled out. We did over seven knots for long periods, averaging six and a half. Beautiful sailing!

New sails – again

Sailing home from the haul out, in light breeze upwind. Close hauled she made 4,5 – 6 knots. Very good sails! But I see I must bend the mast more. April 3.

Cleaning and antifouling

For two years Vestavind has not been out of the water, so it was time for a haul out with cleaning and new antifouling. She wasn’t too fouled up though, but good to get a clean bottom, service the Autoprop, change zincs and have a general inspection of the bottom. Thanks to Ryfylke Trebåtbyggjeri for their services! March 30 – April 3.

New sails

The new suit of sails arrived from Gran early March, and were bent on Saturday 11. March. Some adjustments to the rig were necessary; the mast tilted a little too far aft. I had also replaced the aft stay and the upper shrouds. All standing rigging is from when the boat was new, and although everything looked fine, I wanted to replace the most critical parts, just to be on the safe side.

The sails are made of polyester laminate, from Contender, radial cut, full battens and three reefs in the main.

First day out was Sunday March 26, in a light breeze. It looks promising!

Restepping the mast, Saturday March 4

On our way across the fjord, to Tau, where we borrow their crane.

Pew! It’s always a relief when the mast is secured and stable again! Thanks to Janis and Jostein, and Tau båtforening (Tau boat club).

Vestavind has a new back stay and new upper shrouds. They have never been replaced since she was built almost 30 years ago. New sails from Gran are due next week.


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