2016 season

Tucked in for the rest of the winter

Rig is down for check up and overhaul. New sails scheduled to arrive from Gran Sails in February, in time for new season. Happy new sailing year 😊

End of season

Sunday November 13. A two hour sail together with Olav Wilhelmsen, experienced and merited sailor. Probably the last sail before we lay up for the winter.




Weekend to Sjernarøy

Ellen and I sailed for two hours north to Sjernarøy Saturday afternoon October 8. We anchored in a narrow passage, and sailed home in light breeze Sunday afternoon.






Sailing home from work 

There hasn’t been much sailing this side of summer, but I sailed to work and home again today, Friday 9. September. 20 knots of wind from behind.

Wednesday June 8

Cruising home from Stavanger with Vegard. Good NW breeze, beautiful sailing between low islands.


Monday May 16

Nice sail around Fogn with Signe Elisabeth and Tormod. Fresh breeze NW on the west side, flat sea and good wind on the inside.


Sunday May 15

Sailed out alone in the afternoon, in a good NW breeze, 15 – 20 knots. Sailed to the bay between Byre and Buøy and anchored there. It is great fun and good excersise to round up and drop the anchor without using the engine. Made coffee, read for a couple of hours and sailed out of the bay again, still without the engine. Can it be better, good wind in the sails, sun is shining and just to port and behind me, the mountains!

Two trips, May 7 – 8
A short trip with a young crew, Javid & friends. Then an overnight at Buoy with Ellen. Lying at anchor, in gusts of wind. Beautiful evening, soft and warm.




Stavanger May 1 – 4

I sailed to town Sunday 1. May with Ellen and two friends from Talgje. We went to the cinema, they went back home and I stayed in town until Wednesday, attending a conference on teaching in higher education. It is a very good combination to live aboard and go to work in the morning! Wednesday afternoon Vegard sailed back with me, in a good SW breeze that took us right home.

Servicing anchor windlass
The anchor windlass was almost stuck, making it difficult to drop anchor, as I struggled to get the chain out. It clearly needed service and greasing, but how? I had never done anything to it before. It seemed obvious that to screw off the top but and pull up the drum would be the solution, but it did not move, even with a lever under it. So I got hold of a three armed puller, fit it over the drum, and tightened the puller bolt. Off it came! The axle was very dry and also the chain pulley. After cleaning and application of winch grease, it now works perfectly. The anchor drops by its own weight. Here is a picture of the disassembled windlass, for any with a similar problem. The windlass is a Lofrans Airon 1000 W from 1988.


Sunday April 17
Another beautiful day on the sea. Good NV breeze, 15 – 20 knots. One reef in main and half foresail. Sailed for a couple of hours in the fjord just southeast of home. Crew this time was Janis.


First sail April 10
Had a test sail just for a couple of hours. Light breeze, 6-8 knots. Boat speed 5 knots.


During the winter I brushed up the cockpit. The teak on the benches was sanded down and the brightwork too was stripped of old varnish and given eight coats of Epifanes clear varnish. The cockpit looks almost like new! Today, April 6, I washed the decks with natural soap and also cleaned the teak with coarse salt. I hope the salt will kill some of the green stuff and prevent new growth.


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