Sailing home from Bergen

From Bergen and home I sailed alone. Followed the Tall Ships fleet out of Bergen Sunday afternoon, then sailed south to Austevoll, where I stayed over until Monday. Now the weather had changed, bringing wind (and rain and thunder), but it meant I could sail! The wind was fair also when I continued between Stord and Bømlo on Monday, out to Espevær, probably the prettiest of the little places we visited along the coast. I sailed most of the way. It is a whole different experience when you switch off the engine and sail through narrow sounds, and can hear all the sounds around you. Birds singing, children laughing, a man scraping paint off his house.

From Espevær to the west side of Karmøy I took a route on the outside of all the little islands and skerries. The plan was to sail all the way, but dinner at Signe Elisabeth and Tormod’s got too strong a temptation to resist starting the engine. I stayed there for two nights, and sailed home through Haugesund Thursday 31. July.









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