2017 October, visit to Vienna

Our annual music weekend this year was to Vienna, October 5 – 8. I have a special liking for churches and waterways, so here are some pics (the river Donau/Danube isn’t really blue, when we were there, it was green).

Some time I would like to go on a river cruise between Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest! Or maybe even the whole way, from the North Sea, up the river Main, over to the Danube and down to the Black Sea. That would be a cruise!

Here’s the city hall, the Maria Theresien museum and details from the old imperial residence.

The Hundertwasser block of flats, designed as a protest against the square and level traditional buildings.

Concert Friday night, in the Vienna University’s aula. Mozart and Strauss. The liveliest version of the Turkish dance I have heard! The orchestra looks very composed here though. Musicians from the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

The program:

Saturday night, Anna Kirche. Mozart and Beethoven. 

Heavily ornamented church! Dedicated to Anna, mother of Mary, Jesus’s mother.

And the program again:

Some deep thinking …

Or maybe not …

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