Workshop finished

The last day of the workshop. One of the main themes was learning outcomes from study programs, that is, what should the student know and be able to do after finishing a Bachelor program, or a module of a program, or a Master program?

So what was the learning outcome from the workshop? For me, again, the experience of being together with colleagues across cultural differences and see that we share common concerns. This time for example, about being new as teacher in higher education. I heard the same here that I have heard at home, about feeling of loneliness, of fear of meeting students, of being responsible for teaching in front of a big group of young, seemingly critical people, of insecurity, and no one to talk to about these things.

From other comments, and from own experiences at my own workplace, may be the most important thing that happened was being together and have time to talk, share and discuss  many issues of teaching with colleagues. Many questions were raised that we did not have time to address. May be next time?


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