My office until Saturday here in Antsirabe. It’s quite simple but it’ll do 🙂 It has internet too.

I am preparing for the workshop in Fianarantsoa next week. The workshop will be on outcomes based teaching and learning. That is, the focus of the teaching and learning activities should be on the learning for the student. This sounds obvious, but in reality it is not that simple, neither here nor in universities elsewhere. What does this mean for what the teacher does, and what learning activities should the students be faced with in order to reach the desired learning outcome in the study programme? How can assesment best be used to test if the student has reached the learning outcome? And can assesment be used to support learning? These are some of the questions that we will discuss next week. The same questions that are being discussed in higher education all over the world. I hope to learn a lot from discussions with colleagues here. We come from different societies and different cultural contexts, but the basic issues are the same: providing good environments for learning in a cooperation between students and teachers, where everyone’s understanding is being widened.


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