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This blog belongs to Eilef Gard. I was born and live at Talgje, a little island near Stavanger, south-west Norway, in the middle of the Ryfylke seascape of islands, small inlets and fjords. This is a fantastic place for sailing. The waters are deep and clear, the winds are steady and here are wide stretches where you can sail for hours on the same tack, or find protected anchorage in narrow passages between the hundreds of islands.

I sail a Vindø, a 33 foot yacht built by high skilled boat builders at Nötesund warf, Orust, Sweden, in 1988. To borrow words from a Swiss watch manufacturer: You never actually own a Vindø, you merely look after her for the next generation! She is a wonderful boat to sail, steady and reliable in the stiffest gale, and comfortable below decks. Obtained in April 2012, she has given my wife and myself many fine experiences at sea. We sailed her home from Larvik in the south east. Her name is Vestavind (westerly wind), which is derived from the name of the yard, Vindø, and the westerly winds. Westerlies are good for sailing in these parts of Norway, and are the prevailing winds in the summer season.

To me, wind and sailing are also methaphors for travel. In this blog I will share experiences and pictures from journeys, both in Norway and abroad.

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