Tag: Ryfylke

  • Sunday 8.August

    Reaching in a good SE breeze. Both sails, 6-7 knots. Wonderful!

  • Kvitsøy

    We had a nice sail to Kvitsøy Sunday to Tuesday 5-7 July. I love these island communities on the outer coast. Rough and protected at the same time. Here people have found a living for hundreds and thousands of years.

  • First trip this year

    Easter Monday I sailed out to the quiet Vignesholmane. There was no other boat there, and the wind died so it was really quiet. Beautiful place!

  • New season

    April 16: Ready for new season of boat life. Sails are back on, the good NW breeze is here. Ready to go!

  • Utsikt frå Lauvåsen, Fister

    Fantastisk utsikt over heile Ryfylke. Sundag 13. oktober!

  • Sailing home

    Tuesday afternoon: Sailing home after quiet and beautiful days at Røvær. Crossing Boknafjorden from Føresvik to Talgje took approximately three hours in a good south west breeze, 8 – 10 m/s. Boknafjorden is perfect for sailing. Open and wide, but protected in the north west by Karmøy and in the south west by Kvitsøy. In […]

  • New season for sailing

    It has been a long and cold winter, but now we are ready for the sea again. In January there was 12 – 14 cm ice in the marina, and we could go skating on the sea. This has not happened before since we built the marina. But today, the 5th of May, we had […]

  • Bilete frå Ryfylke i oktober

    Her er nokre bilete tekne frå fjorden rundt Talgje nå i oktober. Tidleg ein torsdagsmorgon på veg sørvestover til Åmøy, og ei helg på tur til Langøy ved Reilstad på Finnøy. Dette var nok siste turen for denne sesongen. Nå går båten i opplag for vinteren!