Category: Sailing

  • From sea to mountain

    Monday June 9. Started out around 9 a.m. Had breakfast in the boat. Went to Fister, where we walked up to the communication mast 500 m above the sea. Fantastic view over the islands of Ryfylke, an eldorado for boating. Passed through the sound of Rossøy on our way back home.

  • Getting ready for the west coast

    Hauled her up this weekend (June 6-7). Antifouled and polished. Now she is ready for sailing the west coast in July.

  • Sailing with genakker

    First time sail with the genakker, from Stavanger to Tau. We had a nice breeze which picked up a little so we made good progress for a while. Will certainly use this sail again over longer stretches when there is too little wind for the ordinary sails.

  • First trip this year

    Easter Monday I sailed out to the quiet Vignesholmane. There was no other boat there, and the wind died so it was really quiet. Beautiful place!

  • New season

    April 16: Ready for new season of boat life. Sails are back on, the good NW breeze is here. Ready to go!

  • Packed up for the winter

    In four full moons I can unwrap her again I hope!

  • Homeward bound

    It has been good to be here again, and to meet people I have met several times before over the last two years. Still, there is a sense of relief in knowing that I now can think about coming home and the familiar life with my own people. A side benefit with doing things like […]

  • Sailing home

    Tuesday afternoon: Sailing home after quiet and beautiful days at Røvær. Crossing Boknafjorden from Føresvik to Talgje took approximately three hours in a good south west breeze, 8 – 10 m/s. Boknafjorden is perfect for sailing. Open and wide, but protected in the north west by Karmøy and in the south west by Kvitsøy. In […]

  • Coming to Røvær – from nature to culture

    The only way to get to Røvær is by sea, being an island of course. As you approach it seems to be just wild rocks washed by the surf, and you wonder where you can find an inlet. But the map shows there are three. The islands are described in two categories – nature space […]

  • Idyll at Røvær

    View over Suggevågen at Røvær Sunday morning. The old sail vessel used to be the pilot boat here. She is now owned by a foundation and being used for teaching purposes at school camps. Last year she sailed to Shetland and back, but because of lack of winds they had to use the old two […]