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  • Hardanger 2022

    Hardanger 2022

    Updated to 29 July Sailing slowly along the coast is a journey of formation (Norwegian: dannelsesreise). You may get to understand more why living close to the sea on such a coast used to be an asset (and I think it still is, but in a different way), and to see how this has formed […]

  • Pentecost weekend in Ryfylke 2022

    Pentecost weekend in Ryfylke 2022

    Pentecost weekend is one of many beautiful weekends this spring. We left home Friday noon, heading north and then east, to Hjelmeland. This is a little town and the centre of a municipality that has islands, deep fjords and high mountains. Going ashore and walking around is always nice when we come to a new […]

  • Liten tur til Rossøy 1. mai 2022

    Liten tur til Rossøy 1. mai 2022

    Så fin sundags- og 1. mai morgon! Måtte berre ut på sjøen ein liten tur før hjartemarsj seinare på dagen. Eg tenkte berre å gå ein sakte tur for motor rundt Fogn, kanskje. Men i Rossøysundet var der god plass ved brygga og det frista med ein tur opp på toppen. Her er det vidt […]

  • Upgrades 2022

    Upgrades 2022

    There have been a few upgrades to the boat this year too, ready for the season. I have had a wish for several years to change the backstay from one single stay that could not be adjusted under sail, to a bridle with block and tackle. Hans G. Sørensen at Ship Shape, Stavanger, built it […]

  • Building the half hull Aasta

    Building  the half hull Aasta

    This is the history of a half hull, going back to the 1870s. In the 1870s, three brothers of my great grand father worked as ship wrights in Sand, Ryfylke, south west Norway. The yard developed with the demand for shipping and built quite large ships, until a fire devastated the whole enterprise in 1879. […]

  • Sommar 2021 på Vestlandet

    Sommar 2021 på Vestlandet

    Ferie! Og klar for tur nordover på Vestlandet. Me har ingen faste planar, me ser på vermeldingane. Blir det fint og passeleg vind, går me så langt ut på kysten som me kan, blir det for mykje vind, held me oss lenger inne i fjordane. Utanom ombyggjing til rorkultstyring i vinter, er den viktigaste oppgraderinga […]

  • Leaks around the propeller shaft

    Leaks around the propeller shaft

    I seem to be spending more time on maintenance and repairs than sailing, at least for the past two to three years. But it’s an old boat, and I like to keep her in good shape. March 2021, it was time to take her up for cleaning and new bottom paint. The stuffing box has […]

  • Changing to tiller steering

    Changing to tiller steering

    One of the discussions that sometimes comes up on sailing fora, is wheel or tiller steering. Of course, it depends on the boat and the user, and there are pros and cons with both. Our first boat, a 30 ft Dufour Arpege, had tiller steering. Vestavind has wheel. Until now, that is. I have wished […]

  • A late summer cruise with a tall ship, and a stowaway

    A late summer cruise with a tall ship, and a stowaway

    It was an old dream. When I was 13 or 14, a neighbour at my father’s age, told me that when he was a young boy he sailed as a trainee on a tall ship, the barque Statsraad Lehmkuhl. At the time, my father and I were building a model of a barque, after plans […]

  • Around Karmøy July 2020

    Around Karmøy July 2020

    July 20 to 25 we sailed around Karmøy, with stops in Kopervik, Utsira and Kvitsøy. The weather was very good, with nice sailing from Karmøy, to Utsira, Kvitsøy and back home. These little communities are very fascinating. Here people have found a living for thousands of years. At Utsira there are remnants of houses from […]